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How to configure and promote the chairman of hongping

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How to configure and promote the chairman of hongping


How to configure and promote non-resistant feed?
Hongping chairman, anyou biotech group.



How did the disease come about? "Pig disease is raised," Mr. Hong said.
Mr. Hung, points out that only in the good environment, good management, good for resistant additives, immune nutrition, good resistance to feed, HACCP management system, pork and pig, resistance is likely to do it.

一  No anti - feed, no anti - pig, no anti - pork.


Vicious circle

二  How to feed the pig without resistance?
1 The key is how to keep pigs from getting sick.



2 Why are so many diseases?


3 Environmental management

4 Pig management——Stress management
①Equipment management
②Medication management
③Growth monitoring
④Introduction to manage
⑤Appetite is management
⑥Breeding management
⑦Sick pigs management
㈧Weak young management


三  Development and utilization of anti - additives.
1 The harm of antibiotics

2 Alternatives to antibiotics.



四  Development of compound essential oil.
1 Essential oil product development process.

①Identify the ingredients that are effective in killing bacteria, and the ingredients are the same as the natural ones.
②Find the essential oil that does not affect the mouth.
③Order the purpose of product use.
④To find a combination of multiplication or addition.
⑤Find the optimal release speed and package.
⑥Trial production in the laboratory.
⑦Improved and new product development.
2 Antibacterial effect of different natural plant essential oil in vitro.
3 The effects of different essential oils on pig palatability.
4 Unique processing technology.

5 Compound essential oil has a good inhibitory effect on the intestinal bacteria such as e. coli, salmonella and staphylococcus aureus, and the thermal stability is better.
6 antiadditive

①Coccidiosis test

②Control of dysentery test.

③Expectorant cough essential oil test.

7 Comparison of antimicrobial activity of antibiotics.

8 The relationship between beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria.

五  Selection and utilization of disease-resistant nutrition.
1 No nutritional requirements for forage.

2 Build up a complete immunity, indicating that pigs begin to grow quickly.
3 The immune response

①Nonspecific immune response.
②Specific immune response.
4Epidemic prevention mechanism
5 The immune stimulating
6 How do we proceed with the plan for non-resistant pork?

①Feed plant HACCP and SOP.
②Pig farm HACCP and SOP.
③Slaughterhouse HACCP and SOP.
④Pork drug residue detection and SOP.
⑤Anti-counterfeiting tracing system is established.


六  conclusion
1 How did the disease come about? You raised the disease!
2 The best medicine is a balanced diet.
3 The best medicine is to keep pigs in a warm, dry and hygienic environment.
4 Good environment, good management, good anti - additive, good immune nutrition, good non - resistant feed, good HACCP system, no anti - pig and no anti - pork can be achieved.