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Cooperative r&d

Jiangnan university Cas microbiology institute Zhongshan university Agricultural university of China
China ocean university South China agricultural university Huazhong agricultural university Agricultural University Of Hunan
Jilin Agricultural University Shantou University    


Company and Nutritica Inc., a biological research and development team, combined with the advanced environmental microbial screening technology, genetic engineering, protein optimization technology reform, to develop innovative probiotics series products. Among them, the antibacterial music, enterojunle and so on products, by the domestic and overseas customers high praise! Company at the same time with the institute of microbiology of Chinese academy of sciences, sun yat-sen university, jiangnan university, China ocean university, China agricultural university, huazhong agricultural university and other universities in 15 technical exchanges and cooperation, produces study grinds together, make full use of the resources of colleges and universities and scientific research institutes, develop high quality products, to meet customer demand, to create a world class biotechnology company!