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Talent concept:
  With the person this  Respect for employees  Passion to work  happy life  Realize self


Talent quality:
  Team view  Good faith  Competition view  Shared view  professionalism  dedication


Talent strategy:
  We will focus on the following talents: marketing management backbone and industry experts who have mastered the core frontier technologies at home and abroad in the field of biological engineering, animal science and plant extract; Senior engineer of production management; Financial management elite; Hr senior executive, product planning expert; Proficient in enterprise management and operation of compound talents.


Talent advantage:
  The company's staff structure is young, with an average age of about 35 years, with more than 90% of the degree of bachelor's degree and more than 85% of the master's degree. I have a team of technical research and development team with many doctors at home and abroad, and have more than 10 years of professional experience.


Talent team planning:
  Three years from the general staff training to become a director, from the business manager to become a soldier to fight the general type talent!
  Speak with work performance and data, superior inferior!
  Employees should combine experience and knowledge to make the business bigger and stronger!